Diamond D Beef

Stock your freezer while supporting local ranchers.

Raising quality beef is what we do best.

Diamond D has been raising beef cattle on the Westside of Jacksonville since the early 1900s. As a 5th generation working cattle ranch, raising quality beef is what we do best. A simple & easy process will have you on your way to a freezer full of beef.

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose Your Processor

Choose a processor convenient for you when it's time to pick up the beef. We deliver the cow to them.

DELIVERY COST: $150 - $350~

2. Select Your Cow

You can come choose your cow from the herd, or save a trip & we can choose it for you.

COW COST: $1.95/lb on its feet.

3. Pick Up Your Beef

Arrive with several empty coolers. Be sure to have plenty of freezer space.

BUTCHER COST: Varies by processor selected (See below)

4. Enjoy Your Beef

American ranchers are raising the safest food you can buy. Eating American raised beef or supporting local ranchers will ensure you continue to see green pastures & farm land around you.

Processor Options

Below are some local processors that you may want to consider. Feel free to research & select another of your choice. Delivery fee is based on location. Please know that once the cow arrives at processor, all correspondence will happen between you & them. You will contact them directly for cut sheets & price to butcher.

13019 Bethlehem Church Road, Glen Saint Mary, FL 32040



Midway Meat Processing

9070 S W County Rd 239, Lake Butler, FL 32054



Nettles Beef Processing

147 SW CR-240, Lake City, FL 32025