Educational Field Trips

At Diamond D Ranch we take a hands-on approach to learning.

Students get to learn about agriculture, dairy production and more with a day filled with immersive teaching opportunities. We schedule our field trips year round Tuesday-Friday from 10am – 1pm. The cost is $16 per person. We have a minimum of 30 people. Contact us today to book your field trip.

What to Expect

Milking Cow: For a limited time, thanks to the Florida Dairy Farmers, Maggie Moo the animated milking cow is here with us at Diamond D Ranch! Students will be able to milk Maggie Moo & learn how important dairy products and dairy farms are to our everyday life.

Wagon Tour/Petting Zoo Visit: Take a ride in real farm style on our tractor drawn wagon. Passengers will get right in the middle of our cow/calf operation, learning where “Pasture to Plate” originated from. Everyone will feed our cattle as the herd makes their way around the wagon. The petting zoo visit allows guests to feed and interact with goats, sheep, and various deer while the driver gives interesting facts.

Animal Orientation: Get an up-close encounter with some of our ranch animals! Learn the history of how a horse helped shape America. Also learn about “Pasture to Plate” & how we use cows on a daily basis while meeting Milk Dud or Cookies & Cream, our dairy heifers.

Nature Trail: Learn about “Farm to Table” and where food really starts. Children will take an adventure into the forest full of Florida’s native plants & trees. Throughout the walk they will learn just how important these natural resources are!

Lunch: There will be a time frame for lunch! Remember to bring a sack lunch and cold drinks to eat under the pavilion. We provide a seating area.​

Fun Activities: Pony Rides, Bounce Houses, Dixie Cartwheel


A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks to our education program sponsors, more and more children will be able to experience a trip to the ranch at little to no cost to their families or the school. Along with a generous donation, the Florida Cattlemen’s Foundation has graciously become our fiscal agent! This will make it easier for many other organizations to become sponsors for our program through the 501c3.

This year, along with another donation the Florida Dairy Farmers have also provided us with Maggie Moo the Milking Cow and her new barn! We are so blessed with the help from ALL of our sponsors!

Contact us today for scheduling, pricing and more.